Address: 251 Norwood Road, Downingtown, PA 19335

Phone: 610-873-0081 \ Fax: 610-873-0083 \ Email: solutions@jgminc.us

JGM, Inc. is an AISC Certified structural steel fabricator and erector located 20 miles outside of Philadelphia in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. We specialize in fabricated steel solutions for projects nationwide with tight constraints, whether they are design complexities, accelerated scheduling, or logistical difficulties. Our goal is to take a client’s problem and to do whatever it takes to make it disappear. To this end, we provide value-added services such as project management, design guidance, and surveying capabilities tailored to our client’s specific need. Our corporate culture means we pride ourselves on being able to tackle projects that other fabricators will shy away from, thus we aim to serve demanding clients such as industrial owners, construction managers, developers, contractors, and governmental agencies, who need specialized fabrication and erection solutions.